.Forget About Ideal Timing.

Create opportunities for yourself by letting go of your fears & limiting mindset.

Have the courage to choose Wrong Decision over Indecision

Harness that chaotic energy and let it become the momentum that catapults you forward.

.Pivot to the Next Move.

.Slay the Day.

Pivot & Slay Book

The ultimate guide to mindset mastery. 

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This self-paced online course is designed to Pivot your mindset so you can Slay in life & in business.

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Meet Jessica 

Jessica Dennehy is a coach, author, legal strategist, & speaker on a mission to empower entrepreneurs with the actionable items they need to shift their mindsets.

Through her company, Pivot & Slay, she helps entrepreneurs reach out of their comfort zones to find their authentic selves & start taking the risks necessary for success. 

As a corporate attorney and 500-hour certified yoga instructor, her unique coaching style combines life coaching with business and legal strategies,

She helps create structure, more efficient business processes and protects brands using Trademarks and other legal strategies that most small business owners overlook.  

Jessica is a small business owner and former Wall Street regulator. Her expertise and diverse background landed her features in several media outlets, such as Authority Magazine, Thrive Global, Legal Zoom, & Billion Success.

She's ready to help you Slay the Day. 

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More Ways to Slay

Mindset & Fitness

I coach entrepreneurs to use fitness as a tool to enhance their mindset and stay grounded as they work towards building the companies of their dreams. Click to learn more or to book a Corporate Wellness Event with me. 


Media & Podcasts

I've appeared on several shows and podcasts discussing my rise to the top & the pivotal way fitness impact me in the business world. Click to browse my appearances or book me as a guest on your show.


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