What Does Freedom Mean to You?

I left my Wall Street career behind so I could take control of my life & create the freedom to enjoy life on my terms. 

If I can do it, why can't you?

Take control of your narrative.

Let go of your fears & limiting mindset.


.Pivot your Business & Mindset.

.Slay the Day. 


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You can run your life or your life can run you.

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What Freedom Looks Like:

-> Limitless earning potential <-

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-> Be more present with loved ones <-

-> More time for self-care <-

-> Travel Freely <-

-> Work from anywhere <- 


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Meet Jessica 


Jessica Dennehy is a best selling author, business strategist, & speaker on a mission to empower leaders to Pivot their businesses & mindset so they can Slay their goals & enjoy the freedom that comes with success. 

Through her company, Pivot & Slay, she helps entrepreneurs reach out of their comfort zones to find their authentic selves & start taking the risks necessary for success. 

As a yoga enthusiast, small business owner & former Wall Street regulator, her unique style guides entrepreneurs with actionable items they need to shift their mindsets & take their businesses to the next level.

Her expertise & diverse background have landed her features in several media outlets, such as the New York Post, Legal Zoom, Authority Magazine, CEO Blog Nation, Thrive Global, & Billion Success. She's ready to help you

.Slay the Day. 


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Pivot & Slay Book

The Ultimate Guide to Mindset Mastery

With stories from her own life, actionable steps and guidance, Jessica will take you on a journey of growth and self-awareness that will leave you asking for more. Pivot & Slay isn’t just a book about business, but one that takes you through the daily practices and rituals necessary to open your mind, trust your intuition, and learn about yourself on a level most never experience.

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Kathryn Tague

Influence Digital Media

Jessica's advice & guidance has helped steer me through some truly trying times. Her calm, no-nonsense approach to both life & business, paired with a big heard and compassionate nature, makes her one of the best mentors I've ever had. 

Tomas Keenan

Best Selling Author & COO of Break Free Academy

Throughout my career as a small business owner and elite executive coach, I have seen my fair share of alpha entrepreneurs. I'm here to tell you that Jessica Dennehy is the real deal!

Skye Ostreicher

Host & Influencer

Jessica takes the knowledge she's gained from personal experience and distills it into succinct and tangible to-dos for entrepreneurs. Just one conversation with Jessica and you'll understand how she is the queen of pivot and slay. In fact, her business itself serves as an example of her work!

Marc Erickson

CEO Apex Allied Property Experts


Jessica was absolutely amazing to work with. Her responsiveness, clear communication, & expert understanding were perfect. Her process is efficient, clear, and easy to execute. 


Jennifer Carrasco

CEO of V Skincare Line

I have learned so much in such a short time working with Jessica. She is always generous with her time & adds value with every comment to my business strategies. She helped me a create a more structured and productive company. The skills she passes on to her clients are mind-blowing. I feel fortunate to have her as my mentor so I can grow as a leader & CEO.

Drew Laine

CEO of PenaltyBox Sports


We have been consistently working with Jessica for the last several months. Her guidance, communication & attention to detail is impressive, to say the least.  We look forward to working with her for years to come. 

Mindset & Fitness

As an Advanced Certified Yoga Instructor, I  coach entrepreneurs to use fitness as a tool to enhance their mindset and stay grounded as they work towards building the companies of their dreams.

Media & Podcasts

I've appeared on several shows and podcasts discussing my rise to the top & the pivotal way fitness impact me in the business world.

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